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[HQ SCAN] Zelo / 4th single album ‘Unplugged’

Credit appreciated if used! ♡

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By some TRUE MIRACLE I remembered the password to my old LJ account & was able to log in o_O

Holy Christmas carols Batman!
I was such a colorful teenager. And it seems I really hated high school….lol

IM5 on El Happy Hour, Sept. 5th, 2014.
I really loved this interview & wanted to share so that everyone has a chance to really understand it & enjoy it like I did. Everything’s in good fun & I love seeing Gabe get to shine!~

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I started this the minute I was done watching it originally, & the subs were good to go that same day, but omg I couldn’t apply them to the video. But here it is! I praised jesus when they sang cuz that meant 30 whole seconds without subs!!!! That’s like, 20 minutes in subbing time, lol.

Gabe’s mic comment.
And Dana & Cole having no idea what’s happening.
And the host talking about his daughters.
I got real tired of hearing ‘Ok…Ok’ lmao

Please enjoy 5ers!!~

I need to find an attractive, young, vocally talented boyfriend while this song still applies!!!!!

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This is some talent right here

This is some talent right here

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'I always prayed for a little brother and God gave me five'

Lemme just wipe my eye that was so sweet.

140903 Excuse Me mini Live Event

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guys have we all forgotten that these two extremely attractive guys were in a band together when they were like 12 bc no one seems to be talking about it

How can I forget what I never knew? O_o


IM5 are asked what their favorite animated films are